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Have you ever consider building your dream home from scratch? What does that process look like and where does one even begin? We have created a rough timeline for what you can expect for an average custom built home! From digging to final interior touches this covers it all. If you are considering building in Utah, reach out to schedule a consultation with one of our preferred custom home builders! 


1. Review Financing Options:

  • Cash: If it covers 20% - 25% of the overall cost of land + Home Build, the land should cover your down payment. 

  • Lot Loan -> Construction Loan: More time to design plans

  • Construction Loan: Need to have plans ready to go as well as engineering, and the bid.


2. Bid Process/Review:

  • Bid is as accurate as we can get (lumber and cement are biggest roadblocks right now)

  • Plan on about 19% - 21% in addition to hard costs to build the home (This covers builder, agent, and contingency overhead

  • We’re a “cost-plus” builder so we try to cover all or as much as we can with a contingency budget to limit and do our best to avoid you coming out of pocket any cash in addition to what the full bid states


*Our last 2 bids have come in at $132/sq. ft. & $155 sq. ft. for the total square footage and an unfinished basement*


3. Timelines: (Some of these may be able to overlap to save as much time as possible)

  • Complete Plans with Architect: About 8 weeks

  • Submit Plans to Engineering: 2 - 3 weeks

  • Full bid: 2-3 weeks

  • Submit Finalized Plans/Bid to lender and Finalize/Fund Loan: 2 - 4 weeks

  • Submit Plans to City/HOA/ARC: 3-5 weeks


*From Design to getting a hole dug, plan on 4 - 5 months*


4. Review Plans & Inspiration: (Google Drive Folder)


5. Pre Construction Meeting on Site:

  • Review Plans, Bid, and Walk the Site plan, Stake the lot, and Dig the hole!


*Foundation to 4-Way Inspection (4-Way: Framing, Electrical, Plumbing, & HVAC) 3-4 months. The first few months will feel slow, but once we get past 4-Way we usually get to closing within a few months depending on the size of the home.

Here is a 3D tour of a home during a 4-way inspection!

6. 30 Days to Substantial Completion Notice:

  • This is the moment to lock the rate and start preparing the long term financing.  The “permanent loan” which will pay off the construction loan.

​7. Receive Certificate of Occupancy from city


8. Close on permanent loans and take possession of the home!

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Red Sign Podcast 

Check out our podcast that goes over the new construction process in details. From picking out your lot, to final touches we go over what you can expect if you decide to build a custom home!

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